Registration Steps

Step 1: Online Registration Form

Step 2: Payment Gateway

Step 3: Payment Confirmation

Step 4: Membership Approval

Step 5: Issue of Membership Number

Mandatory Documents

■ Highest Professional Qualification degree/ diploma

■ Medical Council Registration Certificate

■ Proposal Form Download

■ Certificate of recommendation from HOD (For student members) Download

Optional Documents

■ Visiting Card

Student Membership is free upto the period of his/her studentship/post-graduate residency period. They are requested to email the mandatory documents along with the filled membership form to

Membership form

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Yes     No

   I hereby apply for membership of the Indian Association of Private Psychiatry and undertake to follow and abide by the rules and regulation, and byelaws of Indian Association of Private Psychiatry and not to carry out any activity deleterious to the interest of the said Association

   I hereby affirm and declare that all the information provided by me in this Membership Form is true to my best Knowledge and belief and my form may be rejected or my membership cancelled and disciplinary action taken under the association’s byelaws if at any time of this is found to be false or incorrect

Contact with us

Dr. Avinash De Sousa
Hon. Secretary General
Mob: 9820696828
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