23rd ANCIAPP 2022, Varanasi

Attendance: 700+

Organizing Chairperson: Dr. Venu Gopal Jhanwar

Organizing Secretary: Dr. MN Tripathi

National Child Psychiatry CME 2022

Total Registration: 128

21st Annual National Conference of Indian Association of Private Psychiatry (Webinar)

Total Registration: 1712

Total Attendees: 1250

DAY 1 - 5th December 2020

National Child Psychiatry CME, 18th October, 2020 (Webinar)

Total Registration: 728

Total Attendees: 612

Art of Psychiatry, 13th September, 2020 (Webinar)

Total Registration: 585

Total Attendees: 437

20th ANCIAPP 2019, Mumbai

Attendance: 750+

Organizing Chairperson: Dr. Anu Kant Mital

Organizing Secretary: Dr. Avinash De Sousa


National Mid Term CME 2019, Bangalore

Attendance: 115

Organizing Chairperson: Dr. A. Jagadish

Organizing Secretary: Dr. Mahesh R. Gowda

19th ANCIAPP 2018, Hyderabad

Attendance: 800+

Organizing Chairperson: Dr. M.S Reddy

Organizing Secretary: Dr. G. Jagannath

National Child Psychiatry CME 2018, Delhi

Attendance: 150

Organizing Chairperson: Dr. Parmod Kumar

Organizing Secretary: Dr. Puneet Kathuria

National Midterm CME 2018, Bahraich

Attendance: 130

Organizing Chairperson: Dr. Shashi Rai

Organizing Secretary: Dr. Sandeep Verma

18th ANCIAPP 2017, Jaipur

Attendance: 1000+

Organizing Chairperson: Dr. KG Thanvi

Organizing Secretary: Dr. Vikas Thanvi

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