National Action Committee
  • Dr. Siva Nambi
  • Dr. Arabinda Brahma
Election Commission
  • Chairperson: Dr. Shashi Rai
  • Co- Chair: Dr. Siva Nambi
  • Member: Dr. K G Thanvi
Events Committee
  • Dr. Venu Gopal Jhanwar
Art Of Psychiatry
  • Chairperson: Dr. Raghuram
  • Convenor: Dr. R K Mahendru
Constitution & Ethics Committee
  • Chairperson: Dr. Rajesh Nagpal
  • Convenor: Dr. Arshad Hussain
CME Committee
  • Dr. Dinesh Narayanan
Child & Adolescent Committee
  • Chairperson: Dr. Puneet Kathuria
  • Convenor: Dr. Ruma Bhattacharaya
  • Member: Dr. Vishal Indla
Web Committee
  • Chairperson: Dr. Satyen Sharma
  • Convenor: Dr. Ashwin Mohan
Research & Publication Committee
  • Chairperson: Dr. Shashi Rai
  • Convenor: Dr. Nitin Gupta
  • Member : Dr. Jai Shastri
Private Hospitals & Nursing Homes Committee
  • Chairperson: Dr. Chandrasekhar
  • Convenor: Dr. Roop Sidana
International Affairs Committee
  • Chairperson: Dr. E Mohan Das
  • Convenor: Dr. Avinash De Sousa
Award Committee
  • Dr. Palaniappun Vaipuri

Contact with us

Dr. Parmod Kumar
Hon'y Secretary General
Mob: 9876050700