IAPP Awards
• Introduction
• Category of Awards
• Rules & Regulations
• Dr. Indla Rama Subba Reddy – IAPP Award
For original work done by an IAPP member psychiatrist in any field of psychiatry.
• Samvedana Womens’ Award
For work done or experienced in psychiatry by a Woman IAPP member by a Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Social Worker or other related mental health professional.
This award has been instituted in memory of Dr. Amit Bohra by Dr. N.K.Bohra &Mrs Neena Bohra .This oration will be delivered at each annual conference of IAPP by a senior life fellow of the society.
• Dr. Anil Kumar Dutt – IAPP Award
For best poster presentation by an IAPP member and open to all members of IAPP.
• 4th ANCIAPP Varanasi – IAPP Award
For the best original work done in any field of mental health by an IAPP member from any State Branch. The competing paper has to be sent through the State Branch of IAPP, which may select and forward only one paper from its State or send the best paper presented at the State Conference. IAPP members of states where State branches have not been formed as yet, may send directly.
• Best Case Conference – Certificate of Excellence IAPP Award
For best clinical presentation of a case (Case Conference model without actual patient) Video presentation of interview welcome. Open to all members of IAPP.
• The Paper once accepted for presentation in the conference will become the property of the IAPP for publication in its journal and can’t be published anywhere else without the prior permission of the IAPP.
• It has been further decided to give preference to the papers based on clinical work by giving weightage (by assigning marks set aside for this purpose) over papers presenting purely laboratory work or work on animals.
• The award committee will also give extra marks for a paper if it comes from person in practice in remote area (village/district etc.)rather than from metropolitan city.
• Presentation of work from certain regions (like those from North –East, or where there is dearth of psychiatrists, lack of training &other sophisticated facilities) will also be given extra marks.
• Certificate of Merit will be awarded to the best paper belonging to any of the above categories if they somehow miss the award in spite of the extra marks/weight age
• (In case the proposed award paper meets any of the special criteria, please mention the criteria on a separate face sheet).
The Awards Committee of IAPP, under Chairmanship of Dr Palaniappun, invites papers for various awards listed below for presentation at ANCIAPP 2015, being held at Khajuraho on 3rd-6th December 2015.
The details of awards are enumerated below.
• Please mail the soft copy of the paper to the Chairperson of Awards committee at and also to Hon’y Secretary General at
• Along with the soft copy, Four hard copies of the manuscript are to be couriered to the Chairperson of the Awards Committee and Hon’y Secretary General (whose addresses are given below).
• The covering letter must clearly mention to which award the paper is being sent and also include the postal address, e mail id and telephone number of the person submitting the paper.
Address of Chairperson of Awards Committee, IAPP
Dr Palaniappun
Chairperson of Awards Committee, IAPP
Tamil Nadu India 600023
(M) 9381021477
Dr. Parmod Kumar
Hon’y Secretary General, IAPP
Dr Parmod Clinic, House no 131, Sector-35A, Chandigarh-160022
(M) 09876050700

The last date for receipt of papers for Awards is 15-10-15

• Any life fellow can nominate a senior life fellow of the society who has more than ten years standing in the profession. The nomination should be accompanied with six copies of the bio-data of the nominee as well a written and signed consent of the nominee. This should be submitted to the chairperson Awards Committee by the date decide by the President and secretary of the IAPP.
• The speaker can choose any subject of his choice which is of national importance and send the paper well in advance to the chairperson awards committee.
• No person shall win the award more than once.

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